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McCombs School of Business Fall 2010
The University of Texas at Austin
Marketing 382
Strategic Brand Management
MW 8:00 – 9:15 CBA 3.130 Office Hours: Professor Leigh McAlister M/W 9:30-11 and by appointment CBA 7.228 TA: Jeremy Battier By appointment

Required Readings

Course Reading Packet (CP): Required Available in GSB Copy Center
Everyone must purchase his/her own copy of the packet. Do not share copies of the packet as this is a violation of copyright.

Additional readings posted on course web site (BB) (

Course Objectives
Some of a firm’s most valuable assets are the brands that it has invested in and developed over time. Although manufacturing processes can often be duplicated, strongly held beliefs and attitudes established in consumers’ minds cannot. This course provides students with insights into the creation of profitable brand strategies. It addresses three important questions: (1) How do you build brand equity?; (2) How can brand equity be measured?; and (3) How do you capitalize on brand equity to expand your business? Its basic objectives are to provide an understanding of: (1) Important issues in planning and evaluating brand strategies; and (2) Appropriate concepts and techniques to improve the long-term profitability of brand strategies. The course focuses on the application of concepts and enhanced performance through team work. Class sessions will include class discussion, team exercises, some lectures, guest speakers and student presentations of brand audit projects. The course content has relevance to students pursuing a variety of different career goals (marketing, consulting, entrepreneurship, etc.) in virtually any type of...

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