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For the new project of Geebold manufacturing , Geebold selected Ann as a project manager and they also selected the team then how Ann can again select a team if it has been already selected by the Geebold manufacturing . Secondly , Ann has obtained the approval on statement of work only and not on the project charter which is a riskier task . In addition to this Ann has done the work break down structure by herself which otherwise has to created by sitting with the team.
If I would had been in the Ann`s place
-: Then firstly I would had taken approval on project charter and statement of work .
-: I would had taken part in team selection because ultimately I have to manage them and if there capability would had been already assessed by me then there would be less problem for me in assigning their roles . Moreover , as I would had been already in knowing the project , I would had been aware that how much team members are required for successful completion of project .
-: Afterwards I would had shared project`s vision and goal with my team members so that they could know that what they are going to do .
-: Then I would had done couple of meetings for work break down structure because we cannot distribute work unevenly as this is going to create a imbalance in the team .

There are many things which Ann done correctly -:
-: She has clearly and carefully defined the project in terms of cost , time and scope .
-: She explained all the activities using various approaches i.e analogous , diagrams and analytically...

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