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Elective course Bidding
Associate Director, MBA Programme Management

INSEAD MBA Electives
• Total course credits to graduate: 23.5
• Total elective credits: 10.5 (up to 12.5 without additional cost) • Workload distribution: 3.5 credits in P3, 4 in P4, 3 in P5
• Credit values: full (1), mini (0.5)
• Bid types: primary & backup
You must take at least 2 (in class) elective credits per period!

MBA Electives
How are elective courses scheduled?

We schedule a number of sections based on previous demand After bidding: We look at primary requests and try to match supply and demand (can another section be added?)
Result phase: System opens again for add & drop

No sections will be added after the results are released!

Elective Course Selection
Information available to help you make your choice:
• Elective course list for P3, P4 and P5 – across the two campuses • Each academic area produces a document explaining logic of their electives’ offering
• Course outlines and professors’ last evaluations
• Previous entering prices
At the time of bidding you will be able to see the course conflict grid… The Bidding System

Capital: 200 points (minus exchange points and evaluation) for the three periods
Elective course bids are done per period
Most courses have no price (only if demand > supply).
If a course has excess demand, students registered on the course pay what they bid for the course
You might not necessarily be registered in the course section you originally bid for !!!
If your bid is too low and you don’t get a seat, you are placed on a waiting list (waitlisted students will not be deducted…yet) Time schedule for P3 bidding
P3 Elective courses selection
Results (start of Add&Drop)

16 – 19 November
1 Dec


P2/P3 break

Add&Drop deadline?

usually before 2nd session
(check course outline for any specific rule)

• P4 Elective courses selection


• P5 Elective courses selection

March (incl. group bidding - YFCD)

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