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TIME OF OUR LIFE CAPO 3 (Key: Eb) [Hook] F - C - Em - F F - C - Em - F [Verse 1] Am - Am Am Here and now making loud Am - Am - Am At the top of our lungs Am - Am - Am There's a sound breaking out Am - Am - Am Lord for all that you've done [Pre-Chorus] F C And now, we're turning our G Turning our hearts to You. F C And no, we'll never stop G Never stop loving You. [Chorus] F C G This will be the best time of our life Am F As we encounter Your love again C G Here with You our hearts will come alive Am As we declare Your praises F C Woah, oh, oh, oh, G Woah, oh, oh, oh Am As we declare your praises F C Woah, oh, oh, oh G Woah, oh, oh, oh [Verse 2] From the start here we are Am - Am - Am To collide with Your love...

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