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1. Define human relations and determine why its study is important.
2. Summarize early studies that laid the groundwork for understanding employee motivation.
3. Compare and contrast the human-relations theories of Abraham Maslow and Frederick Herzberg.
4. Investigate various theories of motivation, including Theories X, Y, and Z; equity theory; and expectancy theory.
5. Describe some of the strategies that managers use to motivate employees.
6. Critique a business’s program for motivating its sales force.

Key Terms and Definitions

|behavior modification |Changing behavior and encouraging appropriate actions by relating the consequences of behavior to |
| |behavior itself. |
|classical theory of motivation |A theory that suggests that money is the sole motivator for workers. |
|compressed workweek |A four-day (or shorter) period in which an employee works 40 hours. |
|equity theory |An assumption that how much people are willing to contribute to an organization depends on their |
| |assessment of the fairness, or equity, of the rewards they will receive in exchange. |
|esteem needs |The need for respect—both self-respect and respect from others. |
|expectancy theory |An assumption that motivation depends not only on how much a person wants something but also on how |
| |likely he or she is to get it. |
|flextime |A program that allows...

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