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INFT6300- Computer Game Design

Learning Journal
A learning journal is designed to support the activities of the course. It is a vehicle for reflecting upon the material the student is studying and is also a progressive record of learning throughout the duration of the course. It is used by the Coordinator as a means of assessing the student’s abilities in analysing, critiquing, questioning and problem solving. For this course your learning journal must be organised around the 6 course modules and furthered structured using the readings, activities and assessment items in each module. The Learning journal must be started in Week One and maintained throughout the reading and discussion activities. It should be added to during the course as new material is found and readings are reflected upon. The learning journal should build up into a valuable source of references and ideas for use both during and after the course. Material under a given topic should be gathered and cited for use as a reference base. Lists of references in the learning journal must also be accompanied by notes from the student’s reading, the main points you consider the author to be making and the relevance of the information. The learning journal will be submitted for marking at completion of the course. Note that it is allocated a large percentage of the marks in your overall assessment. Your learning journal should be computer-based or paper-based (i.e. a folder of work). Please obtain proof of posting if sending material by post and retain a photocopy of all contents for yourself. Some things that should be included in this document are: • Details of research • Answers to activities • Evidence of taking part in online discussions (you should include your posts and also any background to these in your learning journal). Marks are allocated based one the quality of your contribution to these…...

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