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Sealed Air Corporation

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Sealed Air Corporation was one of the leading protective packaging companies with a good market reputation in countries like France, Germany, US and England. The company differentiated itself in the market with technological innovative leadership and hence the company was the first who made a new protective packaging product using coated air-bubble, AirCap. For ten years, the company remained successful with its unique AirCap protection packaging product however, unfortunately the market trends were rapidly changed and the technologically advanced coated bubble was replaced by the inexpensive and regular uncoated bubble products. The increasing demand of inexpensive uncoated bubble packaging was a direct threat for the growth of the unique, premium priced and innovative coated product, AirCap.
The situation had put Sealed Air Corporation at sixes and sevens. The market shares of the company for coated products in the US were 17.86% however; the entrance of a new company GAFCEL increased the demand for uncoated products. On the other hand, the market value of coated bubble products in the European market was also falling down to inexpensive uncoated bubble products. At this point, the product manager of Sealed Air Corporation Barrett Hauser was worried to choose a strategy to tackle this issue and to increase the company’s viability. In this report we will analyze the company from different perspectives to check the long run viability for uncoated products as well as will develop a marketing plan to move forward.
Evaluation of Current and Past Marketing Strategies of Sealed Air Corporation
In the past, the company used a market leader strategy to get a competitive edge. For the purpose the company used a consultative selling approach in which salesperson spent most of their time on techniques to reducing labor costs, cost to end user...

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