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Google’s mission . 4 September 1998. <>.

This is a searching engine called Google, when someone write a blog post, tweet, update a site, or otherwise add content to the web. Google bots crawl the web come across the post, once it crawled, the page is indexed within seconds, and Google estimates the domain and page’s overall authority based on links, it is very easy to be use, only if the wire is available. Google provide nearly everything about the world, regardless of questions, Google will solve any problems. In my opinion, Google is the best way to this method, because it is the biggest searching engine in the world. It contains the whole resources from every corner of the world.

Bibliography 14 December 2011. <>.

This is a searching engine called Bing, The main goal of Microsoft's Bing is to make search results easier for users to navigate. Bing's approach consists of several innovative features. For example: This tool helps you sort through search results. It also contains a search history and recommends alternative searches based on your keywords. Bing produces a lot of instant answers; this feature displays the most relevant bits of information about your search, such as sports scores and flight numbers. Type the keywords to It will come out a lot of resources people can use.

Bibliography 4 April 1998. <>.

This is a searching engine called Yahoo; the results which someone searches may be different from Google's. Sometimes it is useful for a "second opinion." it is a multi-mash up, incorporating results from Yahoo!, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Answers, Amazon, and Yahoo! Maps images. If you search all sources, the results are presented in a couple of formats, including collapsible headlines and a Yahoo photo strip, partitioned by source. There's obviously a heavy leaning to Yahoo, but it's not a bad way to conveniently compartmentalize several search result sets.
Bibliography 23 May 2001. <>.

This is a searching engine called ajaxwhois. ajaxwhois takes an existing protocol, WHOIS, and wraps it with a more responsive one. It's not a traditional search engine per se, but does make finding domain registration information faster. Start typing, and if you stop, it sends out a query. Add a few more characters to the domain name, and the query starts fresh. Results include links to hosting plans, the site (if it's registered), and ajaxwhois, which is a mash up of Alxa, a Web traffic rankings service.
Sum up
Searching engine is an effective way to use in the college research, and people would not spend much time in the library, it is convenient to search the ideal words for students. Many searching engines contain the scholar toolbar which is more convenient for the research.

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