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interoffice memorandum to: Tyson Gay, MAnager from: Chandler Blakely subject: current sec investigation date: [ 8/6/2012 ] cc: Mark Durand, facilatator
Current SEC Investigation
This memo has been written in order for the company to discuss the current U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) investigation into University of Phoenix Accounting Firm accounting practices. It is highly important that during this investigation that the company know everything it is required to do from a legal aspect as well as know the best route to take in dealing with the public opinion of such an investigation. The company must also prepare to deal with arising issues that may occur with external stakeholders while keeping our reputation as a top accounting firm.
From a legal aspect the law and the SEC requires that we take certain action ensure fair trading amongst the public, these requirements include but are not limited to the following:

* Any information that may affect or stock market price be released immediately * Any information reported is accurate and will not mislead investors * Any information will be widely disseminated

We should be fast and efficient in all these necessary actions to prevent legal ramifications. Also the company has to show the public we or fully cooperative with the ongoing investigation and we have nothing to hide.
Public communication in this situation is vital to our company. We have to communicate a genuine belief in what we do here, if we want to move forward and survive as a successful company the public has to know that we are who we say we are, and we conduct our business through the proper channels and do so legally. This effective communication will go a long way in ensuring that we survive the crisis at hand.
There is find line we have to tip toe when calming external stakeholder so we do not venture into that murky water that is insider trading. Inform them of everything happening and assure them the same way we intend to assure the public that we are conducting ourselves in an ethical manor. Hold true to the core ethics this company was built on and that message will be clear to the viewing public at hand as well as the SEC.
The recent press release should have a positive effect on public opinion. It reiterates this company’s commitment to providing its customers with the best financial services and doing so legally. It should show that even in this time of change our people or still more than capable of performing at their very best and that we are still committed to rendering them the best financial services possible.
With all thing being considered we as a company should know what is expected of us and perform every task no matter how daunting to the best of our ability. Therefore as long as we fulfill all of our obligations legally, communicate to the public that we are committed to the ethical pursuit of excellence, and reassure stakeholders that they are not in any financial jeopardy we shall pull through this investigation a stronger organization.

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