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Sec280 Week2

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There are some basic safeguards that are important in ensuring that the network infrastructure remains secure for both of the Windows based server and the UNIX/Linux based server. Although both servers utilize the basic level of security, there are vulnerabilities that exist that could be exploited if additional measures are not taken to address them. The following information outlines the steps that are currently in place to address server and other network vulnerabilities. The first step in addressing vulnerabilities that exist within the Windows and UNIX/Linux servers, and the firewall, is making sure that all the latest updates and service patches are installed on all hardware. The Windows based server is utilizing the automatic update feature, and has been configured to allow the download and install all security, reliability, and compatibility updates. The UNIX/Linux based server is also configured to automatically update, downloading and installing updates daily. These updates will enable the servers to obtain the latest patches and updates. This makes sure the firewall will protect our network against the latest viruses, worms, Trojan horses or bugs that would have been created since the last update of the program. Scheduling these services to automatically update our equipment will ensure that the current and newly discovered vulnerabilities are dealt with immediately and considered a must to secure us against these types of problem and intrusions. The next step in addressing network vulnerabilities involves the firewall. Hackers will hide their malware inside of a commonly used program, and then direct that commonly used program to establish a connection between one of our company computers and the Internet. Since our firewall does not recognize the programs that are supposed to send and receive messages from the Internet, we restricted all...

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