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Secondary Findings on Fair Trade

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Secondary Findings on Fair Trade

| Title | Findings | | Nation-Wide Survey Says 17.6% of Japanese Know about 'Fair Trade'. | Only 17.6% of respondents know about Fair Trade. | | Fair Trade Products More Popular at Mainstream Stores | More commonly known and used products are café, cocoa, tea and chocolate. | | Fair Trade Consumption in France | Fair Trade coffee sales increased 33%. Which means awareness is raised globally. | | World Fair Trade Day 2011 Declaration | 14 May 2011 is Fair Trade day which aims to promote awareness. With advanced technology, the internet is a platform used to advertise and allow more users to know more about it. E.g. Website has a calendar of all Fair Trade related activities listed. | | Mainstreaming Fair Trade: the Role of Consumers | Consumers purchase Fair Trade products as they contribute to a fairer price for producer, so they are willing to spend more.2004 MORI survey revealed that women know more about Fair Trade product (42%) compared than men 35%However, men who know about it are more likely to purchase. | | The Buzz on Fair-Trade Coffee | 63% of Canadians drink coffee on a daily basis.Average consumption: 2.6 cups. | | Coffee Facts and Statistics | US coffee drinkers consume 3 cups on average. | | Coffee Culture in Asia | Almost one third of Chinese in Asia consume coffee. | | Five Fantastic Reasons to Drink CoffeeEight reasons to drink coffee | Consumers drink coffee as it keeps the mind alert, protects against liver diseases, and boosts memory performance.It became a daily habit for some as it has a nice aroma. | | A Look At The Negative Effects Of Caffeine | Some may not take coffee as they may face withdrawal symptoms, irregular heartbeats, muscle pain. | | Fair trade wins fans as it helps poor farmers | Fair Trade items/ coffee products are available in Singapore supermarkets such as...

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