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Secondary Trauma

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Secondary Trauma

So often, we focus on our clients and not enough on ourselves. The books read remind me to be mindful of self-care. Beginning with Dr. Wicks who is an engaging writer. My perception is that he is very caring, and that is revealed in his work.
The seeds of secondary stress and the seeds of true passionate involvement in the fields of counseling, psychology and social work are actually the same seeds.(Wicks, 2008) Secondary trauma or Burn out is a challenge for many individuals the field of counseling. Secondary trauma is commonly referred to as "the stress resulting from helping or wanting to help a traumatized or suffering person. Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when a Clinician feels overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands.
As their stress continues, they may begin to lose the interest or motivation that led them to take on a certain role in the first place. Burnout reduces
Clinician productivity and drains their energy, leaving them feeling increasingly helpless, hopeless, suspicious, and resentful. Eventually, they may feel like they have nothing more to give.

Most Clinician has days when they feel bored, overloaded, or unappreciated. When the dozen balls they keep in the air are not noticed, let alone rewarded. When dragging themselves out of bed requires the

Secondary Trauma

determination of Superman. They may feel like this most of the time.
However, they may be flirting with burnout.

Signs that a Clinician is going through Burn Out. Clinicians will identify strongly with work that they lack a reasonable balance between work and their personal life. They may try to be everything to everyone.
They will find the job is repetitive and have little or no control over their work. Clinicians will work in a helping...

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