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Prayer: The Timeless Secret of High-Impact Leaders Book Critique

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January 19, 2015

INTRODUCTION “Much prayer equals much power”, is a quote I’ve heard most my Christian adult life. Dr. Earley asks a thought-provoking question, “How would you rate your prayers?” (p.111) Truth be told, I wasn’t very powerful. Sure I prayed in the morning and at night, but I wasn’t seeing the results I saw that prayer brought about in the Scriptures. Prayer: The Timeless Secret Of High-Impact Leaders by Dr. Dave Earley is a life-transforming book. Earley has written a treatise on prayer that will be a classic for years to come. In this brief critique/review I will give an overview, summary of the chapters, critique, and application.
“Leadership is influence…Prayer influences men by influencing God to influence them.” (Earley, x). Wow. What a powerful summary of his own book that Earlely gives us. This book is about influence and how prayer can better enable and position us to be better influences in the world. To lead better, we must pray better. Earley uses “Nine Prayer Disciplines of High-Impact Spiritual Leaders” to serve as the framework of his book.
In chapter 1, entitled Value the Power of Prayer, Earley elaborates on the dynamic power that is found in prayer. Earley says, “If you want to maximize your impact, prioritize your prayer life” (Earley, 1). Earley starts off with a startling stat, that “the average pastor prays only seven minutes a day.” (Earley,1). Earley’s main point in this chapter is that a prioritized prayer life leads to a better ministry. Prayer, according to Earley, saves time (p. 6), reaches anywhere, anytime (p. 6), and the determining factor (p.7). Prayer is the difference between a

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