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Secrets of Body Language

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It is through communication that one exchanges information, expresses ideas, thoughts and feelings. Communication is the basis to establish relationships, and how one communicates determines how effective the message will be according to the speakers' intention. In fact, verbal communication only counts 7% of the communication process, meaning body language plays an extremely important role when it comes to communication. Politicians and celebrities are more and more using body language to achieve their goals (persuade masses, establish power, advance careers), and its fascinating to analyzes how their pitch, gestures, actions, facial and micro expressions make them seem to be speaking from the heart or hand over the hidden truth. As an example, even the way somebody walks can be a sign of power, what is shown in the documentary when George Bush and Vladimir Putin are walking next to each other at Camp David. Vladimir shows his power by moving his shoulders back and forth while Bush shows control with only a little movement above the shoulders. Another way of showing control is by going through the door last. The host wants to lead the others and even use a small tap on the guests back to show who is in charge, as when George Bush was in Tony Blair's territory but still was the boss. Even a simple gesture as a handshake has a meaning behind it since getting the upper hand shows leadership. The palm facing up is considered a very vulnerable position so whenever politicians know they are being watched they tend to get the upper hand to show who is in charge. Bill Clinton is a great model of how to use body language to persuade masses to be on his side. He seems so charismatic, he speaks formally and gives the impression he's always speaking from the heart. He also makes use of gestures, which are right on the beat, demonstrating honesty. Another thing he got is a quick composure at hard situations (as when he didn't have the answer for a question during a debate). Not always body language favored him. With the rumors of him having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, he tried to deny the allegations on TV but the truth was leaking out since he has facing one direction but gesturing another, a signal truth is not being said. President Barack Obama uses a great trick of oratory, shows power and makes people feel what he's saying through his voice tone. The voters go crazy when he gives a speech, which is a benefit for his political career. Some people develop their tones, as Margaret Thatcher. She used to have an really high pitch that didn't transmit credibility when skeaking, but after years she finally could achieve a voice tone that impresses the crowd. Celebrities are also involved in the body language universe. Britney Spears' life has been exposed to the media for years, so it was clear how far from normal her behavior was when she wore sun glasses at night time, a way of enable people to see her soul through her eyes. What about one of the most famous couples nowadays? Right after working together in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, people were saying Brad Pit and Angeline Julie's relationship was beyond professional but they wouldn't assume it. At the movie's premiere Angelina gave the cues by the expressions of her face and the way she ran her eyes over Brad while he was talking, in a flirting way. One of the celebrities who made better use of their body language in a hard situation is Paris Hilton. After being released from jail, she knew all eyes were on her and she couldn't ruin her career. She behaves like a little girl, walking with her head a little down, and she also makes use of a self comfort gesture, which she never did before in her entire career. She wants to show she was punished and learn her lesson. Even when it comes to a salesman, body language plays an important role. The way you great the costumer, the excitement you show when selling the product, the attention you give to the client, all these things count since people usually buy based on what the feel about the salesperson not the product itself. To conclude, I'd say body language can betray a person. However, if you get to know how to use it on your favor it can be the key to achieve anything you wish to. Also, being able to pick up the right cues can be crucial to understand one's behavior and see the truth sometimes hidden.

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