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Section 1 Riordan Hr Intergration Project

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Section 1 Riordan HR Integration Project

University of Phoenix
July 24, 2011

Riordan HR Integration Project
Riordan Manufacturing has submitted a service (SR-rm-004) request for the analysis of the current HR system with the goal of the integration of the currently existing variety of tools into a single integrated application for corporate wide use. The Systems development life cycle process, also known as SDLC will be used to design a new HR system for Riordan Manufacturing. This report will focus primarily on the analysis, design, and implementation phases of SDLC. The HR Integration Product Manager has solicited and received approval for the project from Hugh McCauley, COO (Riordan Manufacturing, 2008). Section 1 of this report will detail the scope and feasibility of this project. Additionally, Section 1 will describe the information-gathering techniques and design methods for Riordan Manufacturing service request SR-rm-004. Analysis of the HR system will be discussed, followed by identifying key factors, which will help ensure that the information required for the project is gathered successfully, and give an explanation of the scope and feasibility of the project. Section 2 will describe the application architecture and process design. In Addition, section 2 will illustrate how the tools of systems analyses are used to describe the information system’s architecture in terms of data, processes, interfaces, and network. Section will also contain a data flow diagram. Section 3 will describe the implementation stage for this project. Section 3 will address the six major activities for the implementation phase consisting of: (1) coding, (2) testing, (3) installation, (4) documentation, (5) training, and (6) support. Specifically, Section 3 will illustrate how each activity will be...

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