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Ideally, a company will have more money flowing into the business than out. Businesses sell products and services to generate income. Generally, the most common sources of cash for a company are: payment for goods or services from customers, receipt of a bank loan or increased loans or overdrafts, interest on savings and investments and shareholder investments. In order to produce and sell goods and services, the business uses raw materials and labor, which must be paid for. In other words, a company has to spend money to make money. Here's where the bulk of cash outflows go: purchase of stock, raw materials or tools, wages, rents and daily operating expenses , purchase of fixed assets - PCs, machinery, office furniture, etc., loan repayments, dividend payments, income tax, corporation tax, VAT and national insurance contributions, etc.
According the consolidated statements of cash flows of 10-K form, net income of each fiscal year from 2009 to 2011 are 623,369, 734,940, and 880,800, which are also can be found in consolidated statement of income.Net sales are 3,230,468, 3,607,636, 4,158,507. Clearly, sales are the primary source of cash inflow and show a stable and gradual growth.
As what is mentioned in 10-K form about SEASONALITY which is an important factor of sales, Coach Products are frequently given as gifts, higher sales and operating income in the second quarter of its fiscal year, which includes the holiday months of November and December. In addition, fluctuations in sales and operating income in any fiscal quarter are...

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