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Securing a Linux System

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Unit 1 Discussion 1: Securing a Linux System
Learning Objectives and Outcomes * You will present different views on security related to a Linux system. * You will be able to identify risks related to the implementation of a Web application in a Linux environment.
Assignment Requirements
A small community bank is studying the prospect of maintaining its own in-house Linux Web server for a Web application. The Web application will allow the bank’s customers to login, view their loan details, and check and save account balances. The company sends you a request for your services as a Linux and open source consultant. You grab the opportunity because you are dissatisfied with your current job.
It is your first day in the community bank, and you are told that your role as a consultant will be to analyze all probable risks related to the prospective Web application. Your manager introduces you to the other employees, including Bob, who is an intern working on the development of the Web application. Bob is also the system administrator as he currently supports the local area network (LAN) environment. You discuss the Web application and its functioning in detail with Bob.
Bob tells you that the server will be hosted at the bank’s location since the other servers are presently supporting their Microsoft Windows-based LAN. The Web application will run on any of the popular open source servers. Knowing your background, Bob is very excited to learn Linux and use this learning to make the Web application more effective and less vulnerable.
Bob shares the following server requirements with you: * A Web server * A database server * A Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server * A file server for customers’ loan applications and other personal data files
Your manager asks you to prepare a brief presentation on the areas of high risk for this project…...

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