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Security Assignment Mitigation

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In order to mitigate risk security vulnerabilities, I make the next recommendations:
System security plans should be formalized at the system and application levels for networks, facilities, and systems or groups of systems, as appropriate.

Encryption is used to protect the confidentiality of stored data and data that are being transmitted to and from the secured network via the Internet. Additionally, encryption is extremely important in protecting wireless access to the secured network and on portable storage devices. Establishing encryption where necessary is a basic step for protecting sensitive data.

Contingency plans should be formalized to ensure the availability of critical information systems and the continuity of operations in emergencies. These plans should contain detailed roles, responsibilities, recovery team designations, and procedures associated with the restoration of an information system following a disruption.

Configuration management policies, plans, and procedures should be developed, documented, and implemented at the entity wide, system, and application levels to ensure an effective configuration management process. The procedures should cover employee roles and responsibilities, change control and system documentation requirements, establishment of a decision making structure, and configuration management training. Configuration management should be a key part of an entity’s Systems Development Life Cycle methodology

Risk assessments should consider threats and vulnerabilities at the entity wide level, system level, and application levels. When State agencies perform risk assessments, they should consider (1) risks to data confidentiality, integrity, and availability and
(2) the range of risks to their systems and data, including those posed by authorized users
And unauthorized outsiders who may try to break into the...

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