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Security Pllus Exam Essentials


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Be able to describe the various aspects of information security. Ensuring a secure network involves good design, implementation, and maintenance. The information in your organization is potentially vulnerable to both internal and external threats. Identify these threats and create methods of countering them before they happen.
Be able to identify the potential physical, operational, and management policy decisions that affect your information security efforts. It isn’t good enough to have a plan if the plan is unsound or has gaping holes. You must make sure that the plans you develop and the procedures you follow to ensure security make sense for the organization and are effective in addressing the organization’s needs.
Be able to explain the relative advantages of the technologies available to you for authentication. You have many tools available to establish authentication processes. Some of these tools start with a password and user ID. Others involve physical devices or the physical characteristics of the person who is requesting authentication. This area is referred to as I&A.
Be able to explain the relative capabilities of the technologies available to you for network security. In most situations, you can create virtual LANs, create connections that are encrypted, and isolate high-risk assets from low-risk assets. You can do so using tunneling, DMZs, and network segmenting.
Be able to identify and describe the goals of information security. The three primary goals of information security are prevention, detection, and response. Your policies and systems must include these three aspects to be effective. Ideally, you want to prevent a security breach. If a breach happens, you should have methods to detect and respond to them as quickly as possible.
Be able to describe the processes and mechanisms that can be used to implement a secure environment.

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