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IT255 Introduction to Information Systems Security [Onsite]

Course Description: This course provides an overview of security challenges and strategies of counter measures in the information systems environment. Topics include definition of terms, concepts, elements, and goals incorporating industry standards and practices with a focus on availability, vulnerability, integrity and confidentiality aspects of information systems. Prerequisite(s) and/or Corequisite(s): Prerequisites: IT220 Network Standards and Protocols, IT221 Microsoft Network Operating System I, IT250 Linux Operating System Credit hours: 4 Contact hours: 50 (30 Theory Hours, 20 Lab Hours)

Introduction to Information Systems Security


Where Does This Course Belong?

This course is required for the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Security program. This program covers the following core areas:    Foundational Courses Technical Courses BSISS Project

The following diagram demonstrates how this course fits in the program:

Information Systems Security

400 Level

Capstone Project

IS418 IS404
Access Control, Authentication & KPI

Legal & Security Issues

Securing Windows Platforms & Applications

Security Policies & Implementation Issues

System Forensics Investigation & Response

Securing Windows Platforms & Applications

Securing Linux Platforms & Applications

300 Level

Managing Risk in Information Systems

Security Strategies for Web Applications & Social Networking

Fundamentals of Network Security Firewalls & VPNs

Hacker Techniques Tools & Incident Handling

Introduction to Project Management
Linux operating System


CNS Program Prerequisites:

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Date: 10/25/2010

Introduction to Information...

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