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Segmentation and Marketing Mix

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Segmentation and Market Mix

Michael A. Costa


May 19, 2014

John Mullin

Segmentation and Market Mix

AutoZone is a unique company in its ability to market to a multitude of consumers. The company targets all consumers that own and operate motor driven equipment. AutoZone targets these consumers using a variety of segmentation methods. AutoZone segments its markets demographically, geographically, using psychographics, behaviorally, and using business segmentation to achieve its marketing goals. AutoZone understands that its customers will go to whichever company is willing to provide him or her with the best products at the right price. The company is willing to create the brands to entice consumers to pay more for higher quality products. AutoZone’s strategy has been to provide its customer with the best quality products at the right price. The company will only market those products it believes are the best for its customers. AutoZone markets itself to one type of consumer.

When discussing AutoZone's patrons, the type of consumer refers to a large part of the population. AutoZone markets its products and services to any individual who owns and operates anything with a motor. The company markets its products to the do-it-yourselfer, the hobbyist, the backyard mechanic, the small business, and the individual that wants to purchase the product and use someone else to install it. The do-it-yourselfer market is what AutoZone is built on. This market includes the individuals that perform much of the routine maintenance on vehicles themselves. This maintenance can include filling the radiator, changing the oil, and replacing the wiper blades. The company also markets to the do-it-yourselfers that are more capable as well. These individuals can do tasks that include changing brakes, replacing key automotive components, and minor engine...

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