Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning: Apple Iphone 4s

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TUI University
Paul A. Krasulski
Module 1 SLP: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
SLP Branded Product: Apple iPhone 4S
MKT 501: Strategic Marketing
Dr. Francisca Nkadi
July 23, 2012

Purpose: the purpose of this paper is to identify a branded product or service to be examined through the session; examining elements of consumer behavior as they relate to market segmentation, targeting, and positioning for it. This paper, and subsequent papers, will lead to a SWOT marketing analysis of the chosen branded product.
Methodology/approach: the branded product for this paper will be Apple’s iPhone4S. Data to be covered in this first paper will include the following:
Product/Brand Analyzed
Corporate Background
Market/Industry Analysis and Competition

Market Segmentation and Target Marketing
Relevant External Factors
Module 1 SWOT Analysis

Findings: Apple is a leader in sales and production in US Markets; with products that appeal across target markets. iPhone 4S sales have eclipsed internal Apple brands, as well as other smartphone companies in the U.S. market. Recent sales dominance, however, has not established an industry lead. Samsung, in partnership with Google’s Android Operating system, owns the global marketplace with something like 21% of total market share. Apple faces both technological and political challenges in the largest smartphone market, China, as it is unable to establish a partnership with the largest carriers there due to non-4G/LTE products. SWOT Analysis section provides specific details regarding branded product strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
Conclusion: while Apple reigns supreme in US markets in terms of sales, and is indeed a global force, it has not established itself overall as the industry leader. It must build on brand/product strengths through release of newer 4G technology; reduce…...