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Self Development Theory
Development of Self Through Development of Mind and Voice
The discovery of self is one of the most crucial aspects of an individual’s life. This is because self refers to an individual’s consciousness. And how the person perceives the world around him, moreover, it plays an important role in the development of an individual’s life. The development can be in the form of self-perception, self-awareness and self-identity.
Also, the self-development embraces the development of one’s competence and potentials. Moreover, the processes of self-development are ordered and widens with the realization of one’s potency and limitations. This advancement is incessant aiming at the capitalizing on strengths and play down on weakness and helping an individual realize his potential.
The theory of self-development is also well defined in the words of Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. He gave the theory relating to the working and development of a human mind and stated that our mind is divided into three parts namely, consciousness, sub consciousness and unconsciousness. Consciousness is what we think, feel or do through our conscious mind.
Every individual has the ability to react, but it depends on the person to person as each individual react differently to the same situations or the same individual may react in a different way in the same circumstances. This ability is a precursor of consciousness. Whereas sub consciousness may be defined as thoughts which operate or exist out of the conscious mind? Sometimes despite our hard and sincere efforts, thoughts keep creeping in our mind of jealousy, anger and covetousness.
All these are a part of our subconscious mind. However, unconsciousness refers to the trouncing of consciousness and an individual in this phase fails to react to the stimuli. During unconsciousness, the working of mind...

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