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Selecting an Emr

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Selecting an EMR
Selecting an EHR system is a critical decision and a significant planning task. There are different opinions regarding when the selection of an EHR system should be made in the planning phase. Some practices go through the planning process and develop the selection criteria they wish to use. Other practices begin by selecting an EHR system and then conduct planning to support the selected EHR system.

* Understand if and how a vendor's product will accomplish the key goals of the practice. Essentially, a test drive of your specific needs with the vendor’s product. Provide the vendor with patient and office scenarios that they may use to customize their product demonstration = Test Drive * Clarify start-up pricing before selecting an EHR system (hardware, software, maintenance and upgrade costs, option of phased payments, interfaces for labs and pharmacies, cost to connect to health information exchange (HIE), customized quality reports) = Get Accurate Pricing * Define implementation support (amount, schedule, information on trainer(s) such as their communication efficiency and experience with product and company)= Define Your Support * Clarify roles, responsibilities, and costs for data migration strategy if desired. Sometimes, being selective with which data or how much data to migrate can influence the ease of transition = Clarify the data * Server options (e.g., client server, application service provider (ASP), software as a service (SAS)) = Server options * Ability to integrate with other products (e.g., practice management software, billing systems, and public health interfaces) = Does it play well with your other products * Privacy and security capabilities and back-up planning = Plan a backup plan * Linking payments and EHR incentive rewards to implementation milestones and performance goals = Link for rewards * Vendor's stability and/or market presence in region * Cost to connect to HIE * Consider costs of using legal counsel for contract review verses open sources through medical associations

Project Management Performance Measurements
Project management performance measurements
Karen Mahich
May 24, 2011
Mr. Pacheco

Project management performance measurements Performance measures help organizations in the decision making process of future improvements by helping the organization understand what practices have been successful in the past and which have been failures. They are quantitative or qualitative ways to define performance and provide a tool for the organization to manage and define key indicators of organizational performance and customer satisfaction. Performance measures should identify the population measured, method, data source and time period, each measure should also be: .

The first performance measurement which can be used to evaluate project success is speed. Speed represents the rate of movement of the production process or final product made during the project. In this sense, speed is different than time. Time measures the overall project schedule. Speed, on the other hand, represents the pace at which the final product functions. For example, Photo Pro is a Las Vegas digital photography company which specializes in the onsite printing of souvenir photos at corporate events. These photos normally print at a rate of 45 pictures per hour. This speed is a highly relevant measure of performance, because the customer pays for th

Another useful performance measure is accuracy. At Photo Pro, each picture printed onsite must be of the utmost quality in order to live up to the company's reputation and meet the client's expectations. When the onsite printers malfunction, the pictures become discolored, striped, or otherwise defective. It is important to Photo Pro that defective photos are minimized at every event. The accuracy of the printers is measured in the proportion of defects to total photos printed. If 150 pictures are printed at an event, and 4 are defective, then the defect proportion is .026, and the accuracy proportion is .973. Photo Pro strives for an accuracy ratio of .95 or greater at every event. This is an important measure of performance, because it represents how well the system that the project put together actually functions. A project team could construct a product on time and on budget that is highly faulty - a defense missile, for example. Regardless of the fact that the project was successful within two of the constraints, if it is not accurate, it fails to meet the performance constraint. The third useful measurement for performance is volume. At Photo Pro, volume is measured in total number of quality pictures printed and distributed to customers at an event. At a three hour event, the company would expect to produce a volume of 135 printed photos. This is different than speed: to illustrate, a printer could go down at an event and slow production, but the onsite manager could go into overtime to ensure that the promised number of pictures are delivered. In that case, the performance measure of speed would be less than expected, but overall the volume measurement would be met successfully. Another example would be an event promoter. The promoter can throw a great party that the guests all enjoy, but to determine the success of their marketing and promotional team, it is important to measure the total volume of attendees.
The three performance measures of speed, accuracy, and volume are all important indicators of project performance. They are similar in that they reveal exactly how successful the project is, irrespective of the timeframe and budget. The three measurements all allow benchmarks to be set, which represent the performance that project leaders or executives expect the project team to produce. Such benchmarks should always meet the "SMART" requirements, being specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, and time-oriented. Speed, accuracy, and volume are all specific, measurable, and assignable, because they are precise indicators that are able to be gauged, and someone can be responsible and accountable for their success.
Speed, accuracy, and volume are also similar in the broad range of project applications for which they are useful. Speed could measure the performance of a go-cart, a missile, a production line, or even a home sale. Accuracy could determine the success of a satellite guidance system, a baseball training camp, or a new model firearm. Volume could measure the hits on a new website, the capacity of a washing machine, or the attendees at a charity event. All three of these measurements are easily applicable to the performance constraint of a given project.
Although the three performance measurements are all similar, they are also quite different. One…...

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