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Selecting a Handgun

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Selecting a Handgun In order to purchase a handgun that fits your needs, certain aspects such as action, caliber, weight, and features need to be considered. Getting all this right the first time can save time and money in the long run and increase safety. Also, purchasing the correct handgun can literally be the difference between life and death and should not be taken lightly. Prior to walking into a guns store or dealing with private party sales, you must learn the laws that pertain to your purchase. Politicians have the nasty habit of trying to keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens because they think it will make them safer. Therefore they sometimes try to make purchasing a handgun as complicated and expensive as possible. Knowing the laws could alleviate possible heartache down the road. Next is to decide on the purpose of the handgun. Is it for carry or to keep in the house? If for carry, normally a revolver is the best option because of the misfire correction is as simple as pulling the trigger again. A larger caliber is also desired for the one-hitter-quitter effect to immediately modify an attacker’s behavior. If kept in the house, you would want to consider buying one with several safeties to mitigate unwanted discharges. A newer style semi-automatic may be the choice. Also over penetration can be an issue, especially if living in the city or the suburbs. Therefore caliber and ammunition type must be decided upon. There are rounds out there, such as hollow points, which are designed not to over penetrate and risk the injury of an innocent. After the purpose has been decided and the basic needs identified, it is time to go shopping. For inexperienced shoppers, going to a reputable gun store will be the best option. A gun store that has its own firing range is even better because it will allow a customer to test a handgun before...

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