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I have been a "manager" since I was born – the manager of my life. My family always encourage me to make decisions on my own, not only in managing my money, allocating my time, but also in selecting secondary school and choosing elective subjects. Therefore I have been trained to be an independent and assertive person. For my future career, I want to make good use of the above attributes and devote myself in management industry.

I am a sociable person who grasps every chance to make new friends. I always believe that we can learn things from others through communication. People surrounding us can act as a mirror to help reflect and explore ourselves. In 2012-2013, I joined a study tour to Taiwan and a study tour on traditional culture and art to Korea respectively. Both were organized by HKFYGthe Hongkong Federation of Youth Groups, I was selected to be a leader by teacher in both study tours. As a leader, I was taking the lead in planning the itinerary. Also, I had to facilitate the members to make consensus, take the initiative to communicate with the foreign teenagers and lead my members to complete different tasks assigned by teachers. Through those precious experiences, I have learnt that being able to form a sort of cohesive power is an important criteria of a leader.

Also, I am keen on observing people in my daily life. I enjoy exploring people’s strengths and making sense of their needs. I was a committee member of Information and Technology prefect, who was responsible for monitoring the members. I had the experience in assigning different tasks to the right persons and being an interviewer in selecting new members. Therefore, I believe this experience will be useful in my future study and career about management.

I am enthusiastic in learning new things and embracing challenges. I have learnt French since I was a senior form student and am learning...

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