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Self Awareness Paper

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Self – Awareness Paper

Danmeng Yin

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It is not unfamiliar to most people that they tend to receive positive feedbacks from their bosses, colleagues and friends. When they take those complements with rejoice and think that is who they really are, they fail to realize the foolishness on their end. While people tend to give credit to themselves when the result turns favorable, it is a normal practice that they place blame on externalities when things go south. However, they should be thinking within themselves about what really contributed to the result, especially in modern world where leadership skill is closely related to a person’s overall performance at work. That leads us to the conclusion that the importance of self-awareness can not be neglected. In fact, research has shown that the development of self-awareness if the first step in building leaderful practices which might simply start with some reflection about one’s strengths, weaknesses, believes and actions and how those may affect others. (Scott, 2004). Self-awareness enables people to identify their own needs, desire, strengths and weaknesses. It is a stepping stone to making wiser decisions. A person who doesn’t know he is doing anything wrong is not motivated to be put right. In this paper I am going to self-identify the strengths and weaknesses of me, enumerate real examples and discuss the impacts of these traits on my performance at work or school. After that, a detailed plan will be made to capitalize one of my strength and advance in one of my areas of weakness, followed by a discussion about how the plan will improve the competencies associated with leadership. Time management is something I excel at and can be concluded as a strength of mine. Although there are various ways for explaining what time management is, in a nutshell, time management can be...

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