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Self-Care Strategies

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According to Skovholt and Trotter-Madison, it is a necessity to have a strategy for self-care in order to prevent burnout (Skovholt & Trotter-Madison, 2014). In this discussion, I will highlight one self-care strategy I currently employ, and one I would like try. In addition, I will explain how I plan to incorporate these self-care strategies into my personal and professional life.
Recreation is a great self-care strategy. According to Bob Walsh in the Mental Health Counseling: Self-care video, not only does it improve your physical health and wellbeing, it provides for interesting topics on which to connect with the clients (Laureate Education, 2010). In my personal life my activities include swimming, hiking, and working out at the gym. Recreation and exercise keep my stress level low. I feel great, and I sleep well. Professionally, I will make sure that I keep a calendar that allows me to do things like get to the gym before work, or take a walk at lunchtime. The self-care strategy that I would like to implement is working on self-boundaries. These boundaries include being able to say no, or putting things that I need to do first. Norm Dasenbrook indicates that a person who is unable to say no, risks being irritable and becoming overwhelmed (Laureate Education, 2010). One way that I can implement this in my personal and professional life is to keep a calendar that reflects a reasonable schedule. Scheduling time for the things that I enjoy will keep me from over committing. Another tactic that I can employ is to not give someone an answer immediately. Saying “I need to think about it and get back to you,” will give me time to decide if it is the best thing for me to do.
Counselors often become negligent regarding taking care of their health and welfare. Cummins, Massey & Jones detail the importance of taking care of oneself in order to be...

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