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Customer Requirements for Self Checkouts

Variable Name | Description | Reference | Citation | Coupon | Coupon Friendly, registers can take manufacture and printed coupons (Reliability) | [1] | | Fast | Customers want to be served quickly (Responsiveness) | [2] | | Convenience | Convenience of self-checkouts customers, don’t have to wait in cashier operated checkout lines (Responsiveness) | [3] | | Payment | Take multiple payment types such as credit cards, WIC, EBT, checks, gift cards, and cash (Reliability) | [4] | | Bagging | Customer can bring and use their own bags from home (Tangibles) | [5] | | Adaptable/flexible | Customers can use their devices to sync with store check-out device and shop faster | [6] | | Customer experience | Freed up employees can work in other areas providing better customer experience | [7] | | User friendly | Friendly IU, that guides the user through | [8] | | Loss prevention | Users have full control over their purchase and is not easily lost | [9] | | Choice | Consumers have a choice between the normal register and self service | [10] | | Bilingual | Customers have a choice of their language preference ( Tangibility) | [11] | | Security | Surveillance, scales, deactivation of items (Reliability) | [12] | | Hearing impaired | Hearing impaired self-checkout (Reliability) | [13] | | Handicap | Wheelchair assessable self-checkouts (Reliability ) | [14] | | Budget | Customers are in better control of their spending budget (Other) | [15] | | Privacy | Customers want control, self-checkouts offer clear benefits: enhanced privacy, as well as the opportunity to verify price and to apply a gentle hand in bagging. | [16] | | Eliminate lines | People don't want to be delayed in anything they view as a chore or errand | [17] | | Help | Customers want to have help available if they need it | [18] | | Audio | Customers want to be able to not only read, but hear instructions | [19] | | Touch Screen | Customers want to use a touch screen function | [20] | |

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