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Self Directed Teams

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SELF-DIRECTED TEAMS INTRODUCTION Many theories have shown that self-directed team (SDT) has been a successful solution adopted by organization to increase overall performance. This review will focus on characteristics of SDT such as autonomy and its effect on an organization’s productivity. However potential conflicts and abuse of empowerment might also hinder the productivity of the SDT. These will be further illustrated in the following literature review. SDT DEFINITION Self-directed teams involve people from different structural groups cooperating to make organizational goals more achievable. As human resource is a vital asset, cooperation and coordination between departments should be deeply emphasized; resulting in the formation of self-directed teams to achieve the overall agenda of the organization. Mcshance, Olekalns and Travaglione (2010) defines self-directed team as a team that work with high level of interdependence within the team and make their own decision with little or no direct involvement of supervisor and having the potential to increase productivity and job satisfaction. Daft (2006) further support that the main idea of self-directed team is that the team, instead of the managers or supervisors, undertake the duty of making decisions, supervision of their performance and modify their work behavior to resolve issues, meet goal and adapt to varying circumstances. Having the luxury to make decisions without red tapes and hierarchy level empowered to them, self-directed teams are liberated to deliver strategic outcomes with minimum interference. Without the restriction of upper management, decision-making is hence more forthcoming and better collaboration can be achieved. Members having intensive communication with each other, relationships can thus be fostered. A more cohesive team is able to produce solutions that will increase...

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