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Self Identity Culture describes the way a certain people lives. It conveys information about how people make their houses, dress, communicate, eat, learn, work, find justice, entertained and find companionship. On the other hand, identity describes things that make a certain individual unique from all other people. They are the characters that are different only to you. Self-analysis is the process of examining and studying emotions, personality and the behavior of a specific individual. It seeks to understand the conscious and subconscious mind of an individual. With everybody born unique, people are born into families that were born into other families. Culture of an individual or a family is influenced by the parents’ background, language is spoken and the area one live in.
Having been born and brought up in a family greatly impacted the cultural identity. Religion and traditions have helped in formulating my belief and behavior. My family has always been active in the church and been close to the preachers both in church and school have shaped my way of thinking in a morally upright manner. I have attended Sunday morning’s church since I was a small kid and up to date I still have the habit.
I have been taught to be hardworking in everything that I do. Simply, “Hard work Pays”. In a family of five siblings, my parents have ensured that everybody has achieved college education. They have taught us that education opens up many doors that would alternatively not be open. My parents maintained that lack of a college certificate was always unacceptable in the family. For this reason, it was mandatory for everyone to work hard and concentrate on education. Although these are some of the factors that have helped in shaping my life; the way I think and the way I act, present myself and relate with other people.
I previously worked as a human resource and procurement officer in a certain organization where integrity is a key aspect that has to be upheld. Having been brought up in a Christian background, I was taught that I should always uphold my morals and integrity in every undertake. I met many people who preferred bribing their way to getting the jobs or even tenders. Been exposed to such situations was hard but with the background I have it was pretty easy to do the right thing.
As a well-educated individual, I believe I am well qualified to chair the committee. I have also had previous experience of chairing such committees which make me the right candidate for the job. My Christian upbringing also places me in a position whereby I will be able to uphold integrity of the committee. Without integrity, it is pretty simple and obvious that the society will experience major hiccups. Hard work is also an attribute that will be necessary in the execution of my duties. For the above reasons, I believe that my cultural background will positively affect the job I do.
In the world we are living in, it is important to have an inner connection with oneself. In the corporate world, this is always a requirement where each day experience shapes one for the next day. This way an individuals’ personality is always developing. Self-analysis helps one to know oneself in a manner that is much more intense. It helps one in decision-making, helping one to be able to make decisions easily and solely. It is important to continue with self-analysis even after the initial phase and keep supervising oneself for optimum self-growth.
Diversity is always an important aspect of an individual’s lives. Learning the world in a multifaceted manner rather than one dimension is important for broadening one’s ideas about certain aspects in life. Therefore, multiple perspectives are always in order.
In a situation where more than one culture and idea are in the same position discussing a certain opinion, controversy and conflict must arise. Religion and money are always a sensitive parts in a diverse committee and conflicts always arise based on search matters. Other issues that might bring a conflict include race. In resolving the conflicts, certain strategies can be used. These include collaborating, compromising, accommodating, competing and avoiding. In collaborating, I win, you win is the motto. The concerns and differences motivate parties to come up with win win solutions for all the parties. Teamwork and cooperation are essential in the process. However, the process is time consuming and other people may take advantage of others. In compromising, one party forfeits a need with the other one doing the same. It argues that winning big and losing little is worth the wait. However, it is not always effective when the demands to be met are very big. Lastly accommodating, means one party wins with the other party accepting to lose. Here one party puts aside petty concerns for the growth of a healthy working relationship.
Guidelines for the committee
The committee shall have an independent chairperson.
All members have equal say in different matters.
Members shall vote for opinions that are controversial.
Participation and contribution from all members are mandatory.
The committee shall adhere to all instructions stated in the guidelines.

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