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Selfiness Virus: Case Study

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Jonathan Flores
COM 122
Janson Jones
April 23, 2015
Embry Riddle Selfiness Survival Compound
In the year 2015, the outbreak Selfiness Virus is upon us. This is not your typical flesh eating or bacterial disease. It spreads quickly and takes over the human host where the infected become so enraged they eat people. There have been few isolated cases where the infected have been contained and eliminated. However, our campus and importantly our society are not ready for worldwide spread of this disease. We must not potentially let the next plague on this campus. It is time for Embry Riddle to take a pro-active stance to prepare ourselves for the worst-case scenario to keep our students, faculty, alumni and families safe from harm. The proposed
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But being one of the only American institutions to have protective walls does have its advantages. This wall could easily serve as a selling point to future students and parents of student whom are considering attending Embry Riddle. Adding a million dollar wall will bring in more money long term. The word is already out that Embry Riddle Aeronautical University is the best aviation college in the world, so when it comes out that we actually care about our students lives, it will draw in more applications that the university can handle. The cost of doing nothing also has disadvantages, but we can save more by potentially avoiding future lawsuit for not providing adequate security for our students. So the value of building a wall vastly outweighs any arguments on why we should not build one. “ Of all the difficulties that surround the attempt to calculate the economic “value of life,” one of the thorny rest is the moral one, namely, whether it’s a morally permissible to place any price on human life. This issue arises, for example, in public policy decision-making regarding safety regulations.” (MacKinnon, 1986)
There are many ways in which to combat the selfiensis virus. With safety being the major concern, the construction of a wall surrounding Embry Riddle is the best way to safeguard us until a cure is developed. It will cost millions but bring in more. The wall will protect us physically and emotionally from daily harm and future worries. It benefits the local community as well as us in case of an outbreak. These are just a few reasons why we must push forward with implementation of a perimeter wall surrounding our

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