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Salt of Sugar: Which One Dissolves Faster in Different Liquids

Salt and sugar are used in many different ways. They are different in taste and purpose. Salt is use to make foods and vegetables saltier. Sugar is used to make food, candy, and fruits sweeter. Salt and sugar are also used in drinks (mostly sugar). So to find out which one dissolves faster, they will be in different liquids in different temperatures. Hypothesis: sugar will dissolve faster than salt. The liquids used are tea, water, and club soda. These liquids should have a different taste, color, odor, and purpose (O’Leary, Shelly, 91). Water molecules take up most of the room in the container (O’Leary, Shelly, 88). A solution is a mixture of a solute and solvent (O’Leary, Shelly, 88). During the experiment, keep a cup of plain liquid to compare (O’Leary, Shelly, 93). Nancy K O’Leary and Susan Shelly stated, “If you use mile or orange juice, for example, you won’t be able to watch salt and sugar dissolve,” (O’Leary, Shelly, 91). All liquids must be clear (O’Leary, Shelly, 92). Water is a solvent (O’Leary, Shelly, 90). stated, “Sugar dissolves in water because energy is given off when the slightly polar sucrose molecules form intermolecular dons with the polar water molecules.” (Bodner Research Web). The different temperatures are boiling (warm), cool, and room temperature. All of the liquids must be in the same temperature, or temperature will have to be used as a variable (O’Leary, Shelly, 91). All of the liquids have to be the same temperature for an accurate result (O’Leary, Shelly, 91). The solutes used are the two main ingredients, salt and sugar. Solutes are homogenous systems, such as salt and sugar ( Sugar is a molecular solid (Bodner Research Web). Salt is a little smaller than sugar and is a crystal (O’Leary, Shelly,

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