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Semiotic and E-Business

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1. Introduction

Electronic commerce has become an attractive market to the world, and the emerging business opportunities are now becoming a major factor in world economics. Although, investment through e-commerce channels returns high profits, but like many IT systems, it could lead business organizations to a risky situation or failing to deliver expected returns. The main cause of this is the inconsistency between the system design and the desired requirements or for the misunderstanding between IT professionals and business experts. Therefore, to design e-commerce system, a communication pattern is needed either between system developers and business owner, or between customers and the online business system. Moreover, e-commerce system should be adapted with the whole business environment such as business norms and behavior, customer practice, business rules and government policy.

However, Semiotic that is ‘the science of signs’ has brought many approaches to facilitate the process of understand signs’ meaning. The approach of organizational semiotic defied the organization as a group of social norms and emphasizes on the people and their role and responsibility in order to merge them when analyzing and designing information system (Stamper et al, 2004). For e-commerce systems, there is a necessity of clear meaning for each symbol, icon and image because almost all transactions done through the web system without human agent involvement. Therefore, semiotic methodologies have been improved to obtain effective communication and interpretation between e-commerce system and user, and to be compatible with the sophisticated information system. This paper aims to apply semiotic method and organizational analysis on the design of online shopping website after giving background information about semiotic concepts and the new business generation...

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