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Bahaa Mohammed Ali Ahmed

Personal Information

 Name: Bahaa Mohammed Ali Ahmed.
 Date of Birth: 27/3/1985.
 Place of Birth: Amman.
 Gender: Male.
 Nationality: Jordanian.
 Marital status: Single.


 P.O Box 629 Amman 11910 Jordan.
 Residence: Amman, Jubaiha.

Contact Information

 Home No: +962-6-5354200.
 Mobile No: +962-79-6869272.
 E-mail:


I am seeking a job that suits my qualification, and I will be honored working in your reputable firm to contribute to its success.


 (2003- 2007) Bachelor’s degree in computer information system from Jordan University with GPA: 3. 35 out of 4 (very good).
 Studying MBA at German Jordanian University -Talal abu Ghazaleh Graduate School of business (expected date to graduate 2014).


 Pass University achievement exam with rank 49 out of 906 students.
 Oracle DB 10g: oracle certified professional.
 Oracle DB 11g: oracle certified associate.
 Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Applications Database administrator certified professional.
 Oracle DB 10g: Managing oracle on Linux certified expert.
 Oracle E-Business Suite R12 system administrator certified expert.
 Pass Oracle enterprise linux fundmental exam as a prerequisite for oracle enterprise linux system administrator certified associate.
 Pass ITILV3 Foundation exam.
 Oracle DB 10g: Administering Real application clusters certified expert.
 Oracle DB: SQL Certified Expert.

Professional Experience

From To Title& Duties

May 2011 Present @Umniah
Senior database administrator

Administration on Oracle E-business suite release R11.5.10.1
- Support/Maintain/Troubleshoot Umniah systems environments to be available 99.5%
- Install, Configure, and Troubleshoot Oracle Applications and databases
- Apply patches, fixes and work with Oracle support through SRs.
- Use of Oracle Application Manager for EBS administration.
- Cloning Oracle Applications using rapid clone
-Upgrade EBS R to R11.5.10.2
-Upgrade DB from to
-Configure EBS application to work with JRE instead of Jinitiator.
-Currently planning for upgrading EBS DB from to and EBS Application to R12.
- Storage consolidation and data archiving.
- Upgrade oracle DB from 9i to 11g.

From To Title& Duties

Sep 2010 May 2011 @Optimiza
Oracle Apps DBA

Administration on Oracle E-business suite release R12.1.1
- Support/Maintain/Troubleshoot greater Amman municipality EBS environments.
- Install, Configure, and Troubleshoot Oracle Applications, including EBS and SOA.
- Apply patches, fixes and work with Oracle support through SRs.
- Configure pasta for Arabic printing.
- Use of Oracle Application Manager for EBS administration.
- Cloning Oracle Applications using rapid clone and all types of RAC cloning(RAC to RAC, RAC to single, and vice versa)
-Configure connection for EBS R12 with hardware load balancer.
-Configure Parallel concurrent processing (PCP).
-Configure Oracle server and file system backups via HP data protector.
-Responsible for the documentation for the technology part.
-Provide Training for GAM DBAs on EBS R12 system.
-Install Oracle Clusterware.
-Manage/Administer Huge Oracle EBS R12 environment with two database servers (RAC) and four Application servers.

From To Title & Duties

Jul 2007 Aug 2010 @INTRACOM Jordan
Technical support Consultant-DBA

Administration on Oracle E-business suite release 11.5.9,, and R12.
- Support/Maintain/Troubleshoot INTRACOM’s Apps Production environments.
- Install, Configure, and Troubleshoot Oracle Applications.
- Apply patches, fixes and work with Oracle support through SRs.
- Configure pasta for Arabic printing.
- Use of Oracle Application Manager for EBS administration.
- Cloning Oracle Applications using rapid clone.
- Support and maintain single and multi node Oracle Applications environments inside and outside Jordan.

-Install, Configure, maintain, Support, Troubleshoot and administrate all the following products:

- Oracle E-business Suite application (11i and R12)
- Oracle Application Server
- Oracle PeopleSoft applications
- Oracle Database (9i, 10g R1, 10g R2 and 11g)
- Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, Power Point, MS Access, Picture Manager).

Relate Project Experience at Intracom:
Customer Name Country Role
Jordan National Bank Jordan -Clone EBS oracle application 11i and -patching.
-Technical support.
Integrated Telecommunications Company Saudi Arabia -Technical support for oracle application 11i.
Jordan Telecommunication Company Jordan -Install EBS R12 oracle application. -Pasta configuration.
-Upgrade oracle application from R12.0.2 to R12.0.6.
-Data Guard for oracle application R 12.0.6 with database v
-Grid control and Application Management Pack (AMP).
-Clone oracle application R12.0.2, R12.0.4, and R12.0.6.
-Health check for Oracle EBS 11.5.9.
Sonatel Senegal -Install oracle application server 10g (forms and reports)
- Clone Oracle application server.
-Oracle application tablespace model conversion (OATM).
- Database upgrade from 9i to 10g.
Ministry of finance Jordan -Installation for EBS R12.0.4 -Cloning and patching.
-Configuration for cold backup.
Arab Radio and Television Jordan -Install oracle application R11i, Patching and Clone.
-Database upgrade from 9i to 10g.
- RAC system installation.
-ASM database installation.
-Clone RAC system.
-Pasta Configuration.
-Configure RMAN backup and cold backup.
-Configure notification mailer.
Yemen Mobile Yemen -Oracle EBS R11.5.10.2 installation
-Cloning and Patching.
-Technical support for oracle application Release

Syrian Telecommunication establishment Syria Technical support for oracle EBS -11.5.9.
Arab Academy for Banking and Financial sciences Jordan Technical support for EBS R and People soft application
Sabaa Phone Yemen -R11.5.10.2 EBS System upgrade
-Technical support
-Patching and cloning.

Relate Project Experience at Optimiza:

Customer name Country Role
Greater Amman municipality (GAM) Jordan -Install EBS R12 oracle application. -Patching for multi node application servers.
-All types of cloning using rapid clone and RMAN.
-EBS R12 System administration
-Documentation for technology track at GAM project.
-System health check and performance monitoring.
-Configure connection for EBS R12 with hardware load balancer.
-Configure Parallel concurrent processing.
-Install oracle Clusterware R11g
-Convert EBS R12 database to RAC
-Install SOA application server
-Maintain and troubleshoot SOA application server
-Database performance tuning.
-Provide Training to GAM DBAs (Install, patch and maintain Oracle EBS R12 and Oracle EBS R12 system administration).

Acquired Training

Course Place Duration
People soft training –functional campus solution The Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences given by Oracle instructor. 60 hours
Oracle DBA workshop 2 for 11g DB Amman/ITCC 30 hours
Introduction to BI(business intelligence) course Amman/Oracle 40 hours
Introduction to Hyperion Amman/Oracle 24 hours
How to write effective e-mail course Intracom 30 hours
Introduction to banking course Intracom 40 hours
Install, maintain and patch oracle EBS R12 Amman/Oracle certified training 40 hours
System administrator for oracle EBS R12 Amman/ Oracle certified training 40 hours
Oracle RAC administration for database 10g Dubai/Oracle certified training 40 hours
Programming with C# Amman/compubase center 30 hours
Programming in and Amman/ExecuTrain center 60 hours
A+ University of Jordan, Internet and computer club. 45 hours

Personal Qualities

 Dynamic personality.
 Reliable and able to work under pressure and in difficult work circumstances.
 Punctual and very adequate in deadlines.
 Good teamwork spirit.
 Excellent communication skills with colleagues as well as with other people.
 Ability to understand Request of success.
 Very hard working person, and got the ability to learn new technologies.

 Arabic: mother Language
 English: very good writing, reading and speaking.

 Available within one month when requested.

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