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Senior Fitness Test

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Senior Fitness Test Project
EXCI 380

Part 1
Refer to attached documents

Part 2
Refer to attached documents for HAP
Participant: Kabiruddin Mohammed
Gender: Male
Age: 74
Physical activity level: Low, according to HAP AAS Fitness Classification
Chronic conditions: Cardiovascular disease
First stage Alzheimer's disease
Inflammation of right shoulder joint

Part 3
Test location, duration and equipment
The Senior Fitness Tests were performed in the comfort of the participant’s home. We selected the entryway as it provided space for all of our equipment and enough room to perform each procedure, safe of furnishings and provided enough room for supervision. In total the testing took an hour to perform. The equipment we used included: a 60 meter long tape measure, a 5-pound dumbbell, a scale, a 30 centimeter ruler, a chair with a 17 inch seat height, an orange safety cone and a stopwatch.

Safety procedures
Refer to notes, “us as part of equipment… spotter, timer, evaluator”

Summary of test procedures, supervision and adaptations

Chair Stand Test
The chair stand test was performed with the chair placed against a wall for extra support. The starting position was to have the participant seated halfway back to the chair with arms crossed over the chest. The participant was asked to stand up from the chair and sit back down as many times as he could within a duration of 30 seconds. A demonstration was shown multiple times, for proper form and for pace. The participant was asked to practice for proper form. The participant’s score was 8 sit-to-stand sin 30 seconds. We observed that the participant remained at the standing end position for longer than necessary and could have done more repetitions. This may have been in part due to balance issues or that he didn’t fully understand that he was supposed to go faster, until midway we had told him he could go faster, and he did.

Arm Curl Test
The arm curl test was performed with the participant sitting straight in the chair with the dominant side of his body near the edge of the seat. The participant was instructed to hold the weight in his hand alongside his body. He was then instructed to curl the arm while keeping the forearm fixed. The participant was instructed to perform as many repetitions as possible in 30 seconds. A demonstration of proper form and pace were shown. Adaptations that were done to this test was a variation of a regular biceps curl to a hammer curl as the motion was too complicated for the participant and the weight was modified from an 8-pound dumbbell to a 5-pound dumbbell. The change of weight was done as his condition prevents him to perform overly strenuous exercises. The participant performed 13 repetitions, however due to the modifications of the weight the score for this test was marked as zero.

Chair Sit and Reach
The chair sit and reach test was performed with the client sitting at the edge of the chair with one foot flat on the ground for stability and the preferred leg outstretched with minimal flexion. The participant was instructed to outstretch both arms and have the middle fingers overlap, then to bend at the hip and slowly reach towards their feet. The end position should was to be held for 2 seconds and the distance was measured from the middle fingers to the midpoint of the shoe. The result of the best trial was -1.19 centimeters. We observed an approximate flexion of the knee between 0-5 degrees.

Back Scratch Test
The back scratch test was performed by the participant from a standing position. The participant was asked to place his preferred hand over his shoulder with his palm facing down. The dorsal part of the opposite hand was to be placed on his back and to reach the middle of his back as far as possible. The instructor assisted the participant to align his fingers as best as possible before measuring the distance between them. Two trials are performed and the best score was kept. The score was – 66 centimeters. The participant had difficulty getting into the starting position as well understanding the instructions. The right side was very stiff and could not be put into the position; therefore measurements were taking from the left side for testing.

8-Foot Up & Go
The 8 foot up and go test was performed by the participant starting in a sitting position. A cone was placed 8 feet away from the edge of the chair. The participant was instructed to sit in the middle of the chair and be ready to get up as fast as possible and walk around the cone and sit back down. A spotter was placed between the chair and the cone just in case the participant lost balance and needed assistance. The first trial was 12 seconds and the second trial was 13 seconds.

2-Minutes Step Test
The 2-minute step test was set up by measuring and marking the midpoint from the kneecap and the iliac crest. That mark was then transferred to the wall and this was used as the stepping point. The participant was instructed to step for 2 minutes in place, while reaching the height of the marker as many times as possible. Modifications that were done to this test were that the participant held onto the wall for support, as he couldn’t keep balance while performing the test. The participant was not able to step in place and was marching slightly advancing from his initial position. His right leg hit the marker 41 times, but ¼ of his steps did not make the marker.

Part 4
Refer to attached documents

Part 5
What problem(s) did you encounter while preparing the test and/or testing the participant?
The problems we encountered during the test had much to do with the sequence of how we administered the test as well as difficulty communicating with the participant. As this was our first time performing the Senior Fitness Test, it was very different from what we had imagined. Our comfort with the equipment was lacking, and performing the tests precisely was also problematic because of our lack of experience. For example, for the back scratch test the participant was not able to perform the test on either sides of his arm as we had expected. This made it difficult for us to make accurate measurements om the first trial. Additionally, when explaining as well as demonstrating the test to be performed with the participant the participant continued to acknowledge the instructions and agree that he understood, but upon test trials he did not seem to understand the protocol call. This made it difficult to understand whether the participant actually understood the instructions or was passively agreeing.

What would you change if you had to repeat the Senior Fitness Test?
If we were to repeat the Senior Fitness Test we would take the time to practice performing the tests before hand, to familiarize ourselves with the equipment and protocols. We would also explain instructions more slowly and thoroughly to the participant and perhaps wait for a nod. We would also make sure to administer 1-2 test trials to confim that the participant does indeed understand even though we are under the impression that the participant is not in need of administer test trial.


Collection of Subjective Data
Refer to attached documents for PARQ and list of medications.

Observation: Protruding abdomen

Why are they coming to you?
Client has approached us with points to improve his over all quality of life. He would like to have more energy when playing with his niece, to be able to walk around the mall and climb stairs for more than 5-7 minutes without taking administered break because he is fatigued.

What are their limitations presently?
Cannot walk or climb stairs without becoming tired after 5-7 minutes.
Has difficulty holding heavy objects, like carrying his niece.
Wobbles while walking, sweeps his feet.
Does not perform house hold work. Does not engage in physical activity. Spends most of his time sitting down or watching TV.

What exercises have been done in the past?
Swimming, boxing, biking, jogging

Medical history
1985: First heart attack
1993: Open heart surgery
2000: Cataract surgery
2008/01: First cardiac arrest + 10 without heart beat + 7 day coma + 2 weeks temporary memory loss anterograde
2008/04: Second cardiac arrest
2010: Third cardiac arrest
2012: Fourth cardiac arrest + Lung surgery to remove blood clog that formed when he fell in the hospital
2013: Pacemake installation

Collection of Objective Data

BP: 110/64
Endurance test
Strength test
Flexibility & Balance tests
Functional test

The Assessment

1- Low flexibility
2- Low endurance
3- Patient has greater flexibility problems with right arm
4- Generally performs better when pushed or encouraged

- Mr. Mohammed is physically inactive
- He needs to improve his physical fitness level in order to be able to play with his niece and enjoy longer walks inside the mall with his family.
- Specifically he need to improve his endurance, flexibility and balance
- He will a blends need to spend less of his time watching TV sitting down and perhaps spend time doing house hold work

Formulating a Plan

Mr. Kabiruddin will exercise under the guidance of a CEP 3 times a week, performing arm flexibility exercises, endurance and balance exercises.

Reassessment should be performed at 3 weeks to monitor improvement and changes

The primary problem of the client is that he does not engage in enough physical activity that essentially would improve all other of his problems including his endurance and balance problems.

Also more words of encouragement to aid the participant to try his best and try to go beyond his comfort zone, the participant is used to not being physically active so he is less inclined to push himself and see what his actual limits are. We would recommend to do trial testing and find a way to encourage the participant to do his best to get more accurate results.) for part 5

Look at the exercises for ^ SFT results. He should do all them, plus I would recommend a walking schedule. Like walk around the block every day once or twice a day and slowly increase the distance. I would also suggest doing stairs if he can't go outside
(but because of his balance problems stair exercises might be to risky)

Also since his main problem is the heart disease we should focus on getting him t do slow continuous aerobic exercise, no strenuous stop and go exercises as they put him at risk of another MI.

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