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DATE OF BIRTH: 13th JUNE, 1975
TEL: 0772-669383/0701-036245

PERSONAL PROFILE ✓ A well-organized and highly self-motivated person with an affinity for teamwork. With due respect to learning from any one, sharing my discoveries with others and able to work with minimum supervision. ✓ Enjoy learning from others as well sharing my knowledge with others. ✓ God fearing.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: i am Currently a student of Eastern and southern africa management institute (ESAMI)undertaking an Executive MBA programme


2003 – 2006 Makerere University Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Degree

2003 – 2006 Makerere University Cisco Certified Networking Academy (CCNA1 – CCNA4)

1997 – 1999 Makerere University Business School Uganda Diploma in Business Studies (UDBS)

1995 – 1997 Old Kampala Senior Secondary School Uganda Advanced Certificate Of Education (UACE)

1991 - 1994 Nyakishojwa Senior Secondary School Uganda Certificate Of Education (UCE)

1984 - 1990 Nyakishojwa Primary School Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE)
COMPUTER SKILLS: • Website design and maintenance • Programming skills using C, C++, Java, C# and the .NET Framework, HTML, JavaScript and CSS) • Database Management Systems (MYSQL, Oracle, and MSSQL Server) • Use of Operating Systems: Windows NT/XP, Windows 2000 and Windows 95/98. • Use of Microsoft Office packages (Access, Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage and Excel) • Switch and Server configurations • Setting up Local Area Networks (LAN’s) and knowledge of Wide Area Networks (WAN’s) • Using the Oracle Warehouse Builder and Business Intelligence concepts to build Data Mats and manage Data Warehouses. • Data Analysis skills using SPSS, EPINFO, TORA, e.t.c. • Report writing skills using MS EXCEL, CRYSTAL Reports,
OTHER SKILLS: • Oral and writing communication skills. • Project monitoring skills • Report writing skills • Good presentation skills • System Analysis and Design skills • Research Design and implementation skills

Period Place Position
2007 – To-date Mbarara District Local Gov’t Senior Information Scientist
2003 – 2007 Stanbic Bank Uganda Operations Systems Support Officer
2002 – 2003 Stanbic Bank Uganda Implementation Officer
1999 – 2002 Uganda Commercial Bank Ltd Banking Assistant

Trainee, Stanbic Bank Uganda Kampala, 2005 (August).
Areas trained in: • Networking covering router and switch configuration • Software and hardware installation • Troubleshooting • ATM set up and Configuration • Systems Administration • Data Management • Electronic Banking

BSc.Computer Science Final Project • Developed a Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance management Information System for Posta Uganda. This was implemented using C-Sharp (C#), ADO.NET and SQL server.

As a Senior Information Scientist • Managing the District Local Area Network • Spearheading ICT initiatives and Projects • Liaising with service providers for internet services • Facilitating, analyzing and disseminating information in the district • Maintaining an Information Data Bank in the District • Overseeing ICT infrastructure in the District • Troubleshooting and fixing common ICT /Network for problems • Providing user support services • Providing technical advice on the procurement of ICT equipment in the district • Identify training needs for staff in ICT development and develop a capacity building program for the district.

OTHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES - Member of the District Technical Planning Committee - Chairperson Technical Evaluation Committee for Supplies and Services - Member of the District Monitoring Team for Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) and Local Government Development Programme (LGDP) - Member of the District Mentoring Team in Development planning, production of the District Development Plan

Period Project Role
2010 – to -date Luwero Rwenzori Development Plan (OPM) District Point Focal Person
2007-to-date DISTRICT NETWORK (MoLG) District coordinator
2002 – 2003 UCB/STANBIC BANK MERGER Implementation Officer (Conversion from Micro Banker to Bank Master 7 System)

As an Operations Systems Support Officer 1. Capture Customer Information into Stanbic Bank Uganda’s Database 2. Updating existing customer records whenever necessary changes were made 3. Providing System and user support to various Applications in place 3. Maintaining an up to-date database that meets the day to-date operations of Stanbic Bank Uganda

As an Implementation Officer 1. Data Conversion from Micro Banker System to Bank Master and Branch Power System 2. Training of bank staff on how to use the Digital system for capturing customer Information.

As banking Assistant: 1. Receiving Customers Cash and Cheque deposits for the day – today transactions 2. Paying Bank Customers on day to-date basis

HOBBIES: ▪ Attending seminars and workshops ▪ Reading literature ▪ Team building ▪ Listening to Gospel Music

REFEREES: 1. Mr. Barugahare Charles Director Internal Audit, Makerere University P.O Box 7062 Tel: 0772457466 Kampala

2. Dr. Baryarama Fulgensius Systems Analyst CDC Entebbe Tel: 0752751022 Kampala

3. Mr. Turyaheebwa Hannington Chief Administrative Officer Mbarara P.O Box 1 Tel: 0772-691508 Mbarara

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