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College of Information Systems & Technology Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a Concentration in Information Management

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) degree program is focused on the acquisition of theory and the application of technical competencies associated with the information technology profession. The courses prepare students with fundamental knowledge in core technologies, such as systems analysis and design; programming; database design; network architecture and administration; web technologies; and application development, implementation, and maintenance. This undergraduate degree program includes 45 credits in the required course of study and 15 credits in the concentration. Some courses have prerequisites. In addition, students must satisfy general education and elective requirements to meet the 120-credit minimum, including a minimum of 48 upper-division credits required for completion of the degree. At the time of enrollment, students must choose a concentration. The Information Management concentration is designed to provide coverage of the collection, architecture, modeling, retrieval and management of data for meaningful presentation to the organization. This concentration prepares students to develop, deploy, manage, and integrate data and information systems to support the organization. Note: The diploma awarded for this program will read: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and will not reflect the concentration. Concentrations are reflected on the transcript only.

Required Course of Study
GEN 195 Foundations of University Studies The essential information, skills, tools, and techniques necessary for academic success and personal effectiveness at University of Phoenix are introduced in this course. The course develops and applies practical knowledge and skills immediately relevant to...

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