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RE: REPORT ON SENSITATION ACTIVITIES OF IODINE STUDY Reference is made to the above subject. As requested I carried out two days on community sensitization on the impending Iodine/ anemia study to be conducted at Thantwe School.
Day 1 Thursday 21st April 2011
I Called the Chinini NHC (Mkhuzo, Chinini, Mayengo and Kamkwamba villages) to assemble at Chinini village and I presented the facts about the study. The attendees consisted mainly of women. They were active in the discussion and confessed to have heard of the coming study. They had a few questions were I easily answered using the leaflet and information gained during the meeting the day before (e.g. will all the children at the school be used, What activities will be done etc).The only question asked will wasn’t given a clear answer is when they asked if Chikando staff will actively participate in the activities when they come. I informed them I would get back to them with the answer because I wasn’t too sure. Most attendees expressed gratitude that their school was chosen. When asked if anyone would refuse their child to partake, no negative answer was registered.

Day 2 Friday 22nd April 2011
On this day which was a Good Friday, most the Thantwe NHC (Chakwaba, Zala and Chisaba villages) went to the nearest Catholic Church to celebrate Good Friday .I used that platform and before the end of the service was given time to give health education on the study. Most people had heard of it and were quite conversant with the details and no major problems were encountered during the brief discussion.

Overall the community is happy that their school has been chosen and welcomes the study wholeheartedly. No major problems...

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