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Sentence Outiline

Sentence Outline
Holly Regan
February 6, 2014
Terra Harris

Sentence Outline
Every service organization must formulate clear and measureable goals and objectives. These goals could be an expression of the mission and vision statement of the organization and should explain what the organization wants to accomplish within a finite timeline. A service organization should formulate its goals and objectives based on the results of a strategic needs assessment and should be shared with other community organizations, school personnel, and social services. Once securing the organizations objectives they have now set a clear path of their overall goals. Goal statements provide a short and concise reason for the organizations purpose, the proposed population to be served, and the services they will provide. The objectives are the breast of determining how they will accomplish the goals they’ve set forth.
Cocoon’s House proposed goal is to significantly reduce the number of Snohomish County the homeless and at-risk youth population. The proposed objectives are to increase the number of community-based family and youth resources in Snohomish County, educate and inform the general population as well as law enforcement agencies and the court system about family reconciliation services, youth assessments and response, and promotion of safety and safe environments. The priority outcomes are to have stable housing, permanent connections, education and employment, and emotional wellbeing for every homeless youth and young adult. The impact goal is set for 2020 by preventing and ending youth and young adult homelessness.
An emphasis on making sure that each program area evaluates priority areas specific to promoting the priority outcomes. The growth of this organization since its inception in 1999 has been enormous. They have progressively kept…...