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St. Michael’s Hospital – Report

St. Michael’s hospital has one of the largest patient amount in Toronto. They have also received many awards, such as the 3M Health Care Quality Team Award, which shows that this hospital cares for all patients and treats everyone with the utmost respect. This hospital is also affiliated with the University of Toronto, which allows most of their graduates to begin working or enhance their working experience inside St. Michael’s hospital. Most of their recruitment happens internally, meaning they have job postings inside their facility and keep it there for a minimum of one week. This gives opportunity for everyone to join and enough time to send in resumes and cover letters, making it a great hospital to apply to. When reviewing resumes, the first item that Human Resources looks for is the individual’s qualifications (schooling, certain degrees). This is the minimum they look for, and if they do not meet these qualifications, they will be rejected. When looking for outstanding employees, they look for the individuals missions and values, which are in par with what the hospital looks for in their current employees. Work experience, as well as being a good team worker will also increase your chances of being hired in St. Michael’s hospital. The HR representatives of the hospital also do a technique called “resume blending,” where they look for people with an outstanding resume and couple them with someone with less experience, in that same field. This is used so that each person, whether with experience or not, have a chance of working together to share ideas, to enhance their skills, and to create leadership skills, which will help them in their future career paths. The hospital does have a recruitment form, but it is set-up on their website. The form is called “Work Stream eRecruitment.” They will ask for e-mail, telephone number, and your full name, which are all mandatory for this form. E-mail this form, your resume, and your cover letter to the corresponding e-mail link, and you have officially applied to the hospital. Resumes in person, however, are discouraged because they will eventually have hundreds of resumes stacked and will become increasingly difficult to keep track of every person who applied. By e-mailing, you save them time, as well as not wasting paper to send in a resume. Once the resumes are submitted, they will break down these resumes to potential candidates and will go on to the interview process from there. When it comes to the interview, they have the manager who submitted the job posting to be present, as well as a panel of HR representatives to be present. They do this so that the interview process is unbiased and just. They also use a system called “Matrix,” which would reveal if the person applying has communication skills, is customer-service oriented, a team worker, and is an overall genuine person. This “Matrix” allows the hospital not have to hear from complaints from the individual and the Union, because, by using this system, they are completely unbiased and go off of fact and how the individual composes themselves during the interview. Telephone interviews are also an option, but it is usually meant for the external candidates and the decision to do a telephone interview is left up to the manager. There would be about five to seven questions, and if the interview goes well, then a potential full-interview may take place. The hospital does use a certain analysis exercise to make sure that their employees know what they are doing. These exercises are mainly used for the front-line positions and for basic positions. For example, a PSW would have to take recurring tests to make sure they know what to do in certain situations. These exercises are more of a safety issue, rather than being a job-threatening examination. Candidates, whether internal or external, do not need to do any work sampling, which is when the applicant is evaluated while doing actual work. Their decision is usually made up before considering work sampling. Reference checks will usually take place to help for validity of the interviewee. The references will only be taken from past supervisors or past manager to know exactly how they work. Criminal record checks will also occur, but will not necessarily make a strong impact on the final decision. For example, a past employee had two offences of DUI (driving under the influence), however, that applicant was accepted into the hospital because they were honest in the interview, was not going to be doing anything that would seem shady in the facility, and turned out to be a genuinely kind person. Physical examinations are necessary for the on-boarding process. They will take blood tests and send this information to CHSS. This information is crucial and necessary, especially for nurses and doctors because they could potentially be allergic to latex that their gloves would be made out of, and the hospital would accommodate, accordingly. They also look to see if you are physically fit for, for example, someone who would have to lift patients from one bed to the other would need to be physically fit in order to do demanding physical labour. They also use these findings to create ergonomic equipment, for example, chairs for people who have lower-back problems. The hospital is concerned for anyone who would have these problems, and physical examinations help determine the dynamics of these problems. St. Michael’s hospital does provide benefits packages. However, they are different for each hierarchy of subordinate. For permanent staff, you will expect paid vacation time, health and dental insurance, sick days (paid), long-term disability coverage, life insurance, AD&D (accidental death or dismemberment,) and a pension plan. However, part time workers can expect health and dental, in lieu of vacation (for example, you would be paid 6% of your earnings for a three week vacation,) as well as being eligible for time off, but you will not paid. If you make it into the hired stage, then you will be expected to adhere to several policies that the hospital has in place. Their Code of Conduct is quite standard to any Code of Conduct; however, it is crucial that every staff member follows the policies that come along with it. For example, everybody must have the utmost respect for all patients, as well as the hospital in general, including co-workers and managers. There is also a dress code policy, which states that all staff must not wear revealing clothing or inappropriate outfits; a nurse’s apparel store can be referred to you, if you ask. There are also over 50 unique HR policies in place, one of which is an e-mail policy. This e-mail policy is ensures you have good manners when writing to other staff members in the hospital and have your name clean on the Internet.

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