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Women should not serve in the army
Reason 1: Physical fitness Women are just physically less capable than men. Men are just physically superior to women. It’s not a theory, it’s a fact. Of course, there are also men who cannot meet the physical requirements for joining the military, who desperately want to. But physical fitness, in other words, biology is the largest factor here. Just imagine the situation when the both gender men and women are fighting in the war and woman encounters with condition where she has to help a wounded male soldier carrying him up to safe place. It will be hard for woman to have enough strength to do such things. Men also have better vision; they have better night vision and better at seeing discerning movement. These are just some of the reasons why women should not have equal role in the armed forces. The armed forces are a dangerous and violent place; women are not physically equipped to handle the situations that men can handle.
Reason 2: Health Health is also one of the important factors in women’s life considering their duties in future. Period of pregnancy absolutely does not allow it. Sometimes periods are painful and limit woman's mobility, sometimes hormones can also have influence on woman's ability to make credible decisions. It doesn't have to happen but it might and stress can only make things worse. On the other hand, it is a kind of rule of the life that men are supposed to protect the women.
Reason 3: Moral status
House is the place for woman to be in. There are needs to raise and take care of the family in a peaceful place, and it is a role of mother. Woman is mother. If most of the women will become part of the armed forces then who will look after the home? Children? Children should have a mother with gentle, clean hands not with blood-stained. A lot of women who serve in armies lose their life or think that...

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