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Service Animals Benefit Human Companionship

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For generations, people have indulged in the strange habit of bringing nature, in its wildest form, into their homes. Over the years, owning pets has become increasingly popular, However, some may still question the benefits of caring for a pet. After all, pets cannot speak, they cannot understand the human language, and they cannot provide for themselves. In Abigail's opinion, animals can bring a certain support that human companionship cannot. Owning a pet can benefit one's health because pets provide physical, mental, and emotional support.

The physical support that a pet can provide can not be overstated. One example of this support is the great assistance that service animals give to their owners. Service animals help to guide and assist …show more content…
They can bring this support through the constant companionship that they provide. Their constant presence

has given many people a feeling of companionship, even though these people may live on their own, without other human beings. The responsibility that comes with owning and caring for an animal supports the growth and strengthening of mental stamina. Having to feed, walk, water, and play with an animal requires that a person builds up their responsibility, and takes charge of their surroundings. Abigail is responsible for feeding and cleaning up after Cricket, which gives Abigail the opportunity to grow in her responsibility.

Emotional support is a fantastic attribution by animal companions. Animals can be registered service animals not just for physical ailments, but emotional. Animals may become emotional support animals through a certain registration process. Animals can give comfort in their mere presence. While they may not be able to speak comforting words, animals can often sense when something is amiss with their owners. Sometimes, being able to pet and play with animals can be the greatest way to lift one's spirit. Abigail finds comfort in interacting with Cricket after an exhausting

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