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Service Evaluation of Google Search

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Service operations
Case Study: Google Search Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 1. Introduction 4 2. Overview 6 3. Service Analysis 7 Four V’s Analysis 7 Service Transaction Analysis 9 Process Design and Outcome from customer point of view 11 Customer Role in Google Search 11 IP Matrix: 12 Perceived User Value 13 Conclusion 14 4. Issues and Recommendations 15 Service Inventory in Google Search 15 Privacy 17 Google versus the rest of the tech world 19 Dominance of Regional search Engines over Google 20 Conclusion 21 5. Conclusion 22 Bibliography 23 Appendix 25

List of Tables Table 1: Service Transaction Analysis of Google Search 10 Table 2: Outcome of Google Search from customer point of view 11 Table 3: Process of Google Search from customer point of view 11 Table 4: Customer Role analysis in Google Search service 12

List of Figures Figure 1: Methodology of the report 5 Figure 2: Process Map for Google search operation 6 Figure 3: Transformation of input to output in Google Search 7 Figure 4: Four V Analysis of Google Search service 8 Figure 5: Classification of processes according to volume and variety 9 Figure 6: Importance Performance Matrix for Google Search service 13 Figure 7: Perceived User Value Graph of Google and competitor search services 14 Figure 8: Service Inventory produced during the Google Search process 16 Figure 9: Graph comparing visitors to Google and Facebook 2008-11 19

Executive Summary
The purpose of the report is to study the operations of Google Search. The service is analysed in the light of both primary and secondary data. The response to a survey (see Appendix for survey) was compiled to obtain primary data. Secondary data was obtained from Google's site and other reliable sources providing market analytics.
After a brief introduction, the report uses...

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