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Service Quality Managemnt Assigment

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1.0 Introduction
There are many definition of the quality. One of the definitions of quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs of the customers or the buyers. In simpler words, one can say that a product or service has good quality when it complies with the requirements specified by the client. Different people have different perspective and way to evaluate about the quality of the product. Besides product quality there is also service quality
Service quality also has different definition and also more difficult to define then product quality. It is because, services have more diverse quality attribute then product and customer involvement is also high. To define service quality, it all started from customers, as quality is all that it implies for consumer and their perception about the service quality provided. In fact, service quality is achieved if customer expectations are satisfied, or exceeded.
Service quality is undoubtedly a significant element of service product design process, as it influences the volume of demand for a given service product, as well as customer profile of this service product. Service quality also play very important role in the marketing. Good customer service will increase the loyalty of a customer towards the product and also can attract new customers to buy and use our product or services. It because, service quality is directly will affect the customer how they perceive quality of the product and service...

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