Service Request Sr-Kf-013

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Service Request SR-kf-013

Stephen Gowen


03 January 2012

Becky Hoff

Service Request SR-kf-013

Ever wonder why certain banners or advertisements seem to contain information you are or were interested in? Online consumer behavior is being tracked all over the world-wide-web via cookies, Flash cookies, and “Web beacons” such as Omniture. Ad networks utilize information collected via various Javascripts and/or cookies to dynamically create content for users. One such Ad network called BlueKai actually allows its users to see a visual representation of the data being collected and shared about them. The amount and variety of data contained in user cookies alone is simply staggering! Many consumers today are beginning to wonder whether or not their privacy is at risk. With that in mind, proposing a system that tracks online shopping behavior introduces quite a few risks.
Legal Concerns
Where PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is concerned, so is the law. When handling behavioral data of any kind, it must be stored securely. If any PII is collected, certain disclaimers, agreements, opt-out opportunities, etc. must be in place in order to refrain from attracting legal attention. Cookies must be handled delicately as well, especially if they utilized to track users on our shopping platform. When a user deletes his or her cookies, that user should become a new user on our network. Holding onto a user’s cookies against his or her wishes can be pursued in a court of law, where we will certainly lose. To give a good example, one of the largest ad networks, Specificmedia, was sued back in 2010 for “re-creating” deleted cookies. Specificmedia used “Flash cookies” to constantly back up user cookies in the event that they were deleted. When a user would delete his or her cookies, the flash cookie would be used to…...