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Service Request Sr-Rm-001

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Service Request SR-RM-001 Paper
April 5, 2012
David J. Henry

Service Request SR-RM-001 Riordan Manufacturing Company presents itself as a solutions provider of polymer materials. As with any large organization, oftentimes business executives seek the consult of external subject matter experts to help companies operate more efficiently. Riordan recently solicited the SHWS Consulting Group and its constituents to review Riordan’s current inventory and manufacturing systems and processes. After spending several weeks with Riordan and visiting each site, the consultants recognized opportunities to improve key areas of the company’s systems supporting its inventory and manufacturing process.
Executive Summary SHWS Consultants met with Riordan Manufacturing to discuss the details of Riordan’s inventory and manufacturing processes. Riordan believes the company should reassess and possibly upgrade its existing inventory systems. The firm’s executives agree that re-evaluating the computer systems could grow revenue and drastically reduce or eliminate the opportunities for human errors in receiving, tracking, and managing inventory. Upgrading the systems also simplifies employees’ jobs, which directly affects morale and can lead to increased productivity. During the initial meeting to clarify and set Riordan’s expectations, SHWS Consultants agreed to provide Riordan documentation indicating the business processes needing improvement and the specified business requirements. The consultants also agreed to provide a description of how the proposed information system changes enhance the existing processes accompanied by a flow chart articulating the business requirements. The consultant group thoroughly reviewed Riordan’s organization at each domestic site. Based on the review, SHWS submitted a proposal to implement a new business system...

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