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Serving Others Before Yourself

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Café 180 is a business that provides lunch to all people regardless of whether they can pay for the meal or not. There are three different ways to pay for a lunch at Café 180 which include: paying the regular price for the meal, donating one hour of service and finally paying regular price and a little bit more to help “pay it forward.” Giving customers three different options of payment bring in people from all walks of life, whether that is a successful business man or the homeless, this restaurant is bringing the community closer together through the power of food. Café 180 provides the key link for people to develop leadership abilities through serving in their local communities. In Colorado alone there are roughly 900,000 Coloradoans who suffer from food hardships. (Lynne Valencia 2011). This is about 1 in 5 Coloradoans. Food hardships have becoming an increasingly common theme in the United States over the past few decades and Café 180 is working on the hunger dilemma in the local area around Denver. The United States Government has estimated food prices to increase another 4 to 5 percent in 2013. (Ken Condyles 2012). The rise in food prices in the United States and the high unemployment rate creates pressure for families trying to put food on the table. All Americans are affected by the hunger problem. Students, children and parents alike are struggling to come up with the money to afford food. One of the basic needs of humans is food and the combination of the falling economy and the rising prices of food are making this difficult. At Café 180 I will be experiencing tasks I have never had to complete in my life. This will especially be challenging for me because I have never worked with customers from such a diverse work of life. All customers who come into Café 180 are to be treated with respect and dignity no matter where they come from…...

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