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Seth Godin: Ted Talk

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Ted Talks: Seth Godin
What can we do to make our ideas spread? As a way to make our ideas spread, it is best to market to the innovators and the early adopters in the classes of adopters. These two groups look for new products and different ways to educate themselves with new things. These two groups are the leaders as the early majority, late majority, and the laggards look to them. It is bad marketing to look for the early majority on to buy your product. The ones that are following along and listening to your product are the right group to market your product to first. Knowing this, you rely on these people to take your product to the other groups and make those people love the product.
Also, make a product that is different and new. There are trends that say that without even knowing it, people will following along to the norm of purchasing a product just become of it being new. By reinventing the market of a product, you can find success because of the product’s new design and innovation. (Ex: redefining the desk chair).

How can we design experiences to be remarkable? (Find a purple cow in our products/services/marketing). Many good ideas today go unnoticed, as they cannot get marketed to the right people. The point would be to get the new product to a small group of people who can sponsor this product to a large group of people. This is how a product gets its popularity. For example, I like to think of the Shark Tank television show. The new business idea gets brought forward to a group of rich individuals. These individuals are sought to be knowledgeable as an entrepreneurs so the new product ideas can find success with their help. Overall, a new product gets introduced to a small group of people that can sponsor the product to a large group of people.
By making an experience remarkable, we make it risky. We cannot market a product in a certain…...

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