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Seven Dead Sins

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The seven deadly sins
The worst deadly sin:
The worst dead sin is defanately pride, it is the mother of all the deadly sins. I thought about, every thing could be leaded by pride. People become envy, or jalous at you because they don’t have the selfconvidence as you have. When people are envy the things they regret afterwards, they don’t think about the consequences of the act. What i mean by that is; envy leads to wrath. If you are self-absorbed you probably like to see yourself in the mirror, if other people likes what they see, they would try their best to look like the person who is sinning. Then, again pride leads to another deadly sin, namely envy.
It’s a bit dobbelt standard, that the teachers told us to believe in our selves, then a couple of years later they tells us about the seven deadly sin, pride is one of them. But then again, i wouldn’t mind to hear that another person was proud of me. Or are proud of me. I don’t know why it is so important to “mean” something. Some people are famous just because the want to be, not because they have a special talent. The moment i wrote this i thought about Sidney Lee, i bet nobody cant name one thing he is known for. (His look is just image, he can do absoulutely nothing)
The least worst deadly sin:
I thought about this one for a while, each and everyone of the sins are very bad. I had to choose one, so i chose Wrath. Wrath is the least worst deadly sin because; It can almost always be solved somehow. If you are angry with a person, you can talk to him/her. Why are you angry with me? If you know why; I’m sorry i did this to you. Etc.
Wrath is a feeling like all the other sins, but this one i can refer to myself. When i get angry, i count to ten, then i wait. If the person, or the people i’m angry with didn’t mean to make me angry. I realize it at then i say to them that i don’t like what they just…...

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